Suspending Time with ‘The Profound M’

Smith’s Poetry

“These brief moments in time are augmented by Tamsin Smith’s beautifully evocative poems. They are not meant to be literal, as if describing the action of the photograph; in fact, they would fail if they were to try. The poems offer a fresh way of looking at the photographs, an entry way into viewing their hidden mysteries.”

p. 150, across from “Over the Line”
p. 128
Image across from “The Lioness Dispatches” (p. 95)

The final step was to read the poems with no images in mind to prove what I already knew: the poems clearly stand on their own without the photos.

Image across the page from “Cover Girl” (P. 69)
“Racoon in the Old Grove” (P. 17)

Favorite poem alert:

p. 179

On poetic influence, it was as easy as this: which poet did I pick up and read more of, while reading this collection, and while contemplating this review?

The fault lines and fractures found in Smith’s poetry are speaking to more than geology. They trace and define the social and the historical, and the political, within our attempts as organizing societies.

Caution, poem ahead!

Language involved, may conjure images.



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