The ‘100 Trees’ Group Exhibit at Modern Eden Gallery

‘Natural Extinction” by Olympia Altimar (above), “Wild One” by Sean Alistair (below) at Modern Eden.
Modern Eden Gallery at dusk, in San Francisco’s Tenderloin. Getting ready for take off. April 9, 2022. Opening reception for ‘100 Trees’. 1100 Sutter St. @ Larkin St. San Francisco. Photo: Christopher Scott Buck

Jay Riggio “Something Forever in the Distance”

“Something Forever in the Distance” by Jay Riggio, Modern Eden, San Francisco.

Joshua Coffy “The Redeemer”

“The Redeemer” by Joshua Coffy. Image courtesy of the Modern Eden website & artist.

Phillip Hua “Downsized Dicot”

“Downsized Dicot” by Phillip Hua at Modern Eden Gallery. Photo Christopher Scott Buck

Brian R. Donnelly “Castaway”

Rebecca Mason Adams “Hayley #13”

“Hayley #13” by Rebecca Mason Adams, Modern Eden Gallery, San Francisco. Image courtesy of event website.

Zoe Keller “Coast Redwood Canopy”

Tree Love, With Eyes Wide Open

600 block of Ellis St., June, 2021.



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